Allandale Hall

Allandale Hall

The Allandale Hall has re-opened, having been fully refurbished following the Christchurch earthquakes. With a well equipped kitchen, a large hall including a stage, and doors opening out to a spacious deck, the Allandale Hall is suitable for larger events and gatherings. The hall is managed by the Governors Bay Community Association.

The Community Centre opposite the school is also available for hire.


Bookings for Allandale Hall are managed by the Community Centre Coordinator. To look at availability please have a look at our Calendar.

To make a booking please complete the Booking Information Request form and email to the Community Centre Coordinator at  A Hirer’s Agreement will be prepared for you which you will need to sign. Note: any enquiries about use of the Hall will be addressed once a day.


(Fees set under S12 Local Government Act 2002 – Category A Hall)

FREE - Community Service (meetings that benefit the community eg. PTA, GBCA, Jetty Trust, Bird Safe)

$15 Not for profit community programmes

$30 Self-employed tutor

$80 Private social events, family functions

$100 Commercial events – hire by corporates, government and seminars

$65 Community events with door charges or prepaid tickets

$250 Weekend hire (Friday night to Sunday night) eg weddings

Additional Charges

$300 Bond for events – refund subject to condition of the facility after the event. The bond will not be released until the facility has been checked.

Conditions of hire

You must be over the age of 18 to legally hire a Council facility. Click on Terms & Conditions of Hire to view.

No overnight stays are permitted.


You are required to clean the Hall after use and to remove all rubbish. It may be possible to arrange a cleaner for you if required. Please discuss fee for cleaner with the Community Centre Coordinator (see contact details).


189 (13 tables and 100 chairs)

Health and safety

As part of the rental agreement, the hirer accepts legal responsibilities to meet evacuation plans, health and safety responsibilities and to act as the facility warden.


The consumption of alcohol is permitted in this facility. A special licence is required if selling alcohol or selling tickets to an event where alcohol is supplied. Applications take at least 20 working days to process before the date of the event.  Find out more in the licensing information section follow this link:

Equipment Available

4 Heat Pumps – Please note – the switch for the heating/air conditioning system will turn on all 4 units for two hours, then will automatically stop. Only use the remote control if you need to change settings from heating to cooling or vice versa. The system is turned off and on with the switch.

100 Plastic Chairs

13 Round Tables

2 Small Rectangular Low Tables



Two Stoves



Cleaning Equipment/Vacuum Cleaner/Tea Towels Etc.

100 each of Wine Glasses, Water Glasses and Mugs

100 each of Side Plates, Dinner Plates and Bowls

2 Chopping Boards

Assorted Tongs, Knives, Serving Spoons/Can And Bottle Opener

Two Serving Dishes

55 Teaspoons

100 each of Spoons, Knives and Forks

WiFi not currently available.


No organised catering offered.  We are hoping to provide a list of local caterers soon.


There is parking adjacent to the Hall.


Four toilets are provided inside the Hall.


Contact name
Jeanette Stanley
Allandale Reserve, 122/154 Governors Bay Teddington Rd, Allandale 8971