Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre

Cholmondeley Children’s Centre provides emergency and planned respite care and education for children aged 3-12 whose families are experiencing genuine stress or crisis. In these situations children can become vulnerable, especially when a family’s usual supports, like friends and family, are unable to help.

A stay or stays at Cholmondeley provide children with an opportunity to take a break, enjoy the experience of childhood, and discover their strengths in a safe and fun environment. Cholmondeley’s practice is centred on the child and is designed to develop his or her resilience for the challenges they may face, both now and in the future.

Cholmondeley is 70% community-funded and fundraises around $1.2million annually to meet its operational costs.

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6 Cholmondeley Lane, Governors Bay, New Zealand