Church Services

St Cuthbert's

Governors Bay’s St Cuthbert’s Church is located in Ohinetahi Valley (just after you have gone through the village heading towards Diamond Harbour). Although under the care of the Anglican Parish, St Cuthbert’s is a co-operating congregation and has services variously in the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian traditions. However, members of the congregation do not tend to limit themselves to attending the services only in ’their’ tradition, which leads to a greater fellowship amongst them. We welcome all, whether this is your first time or thousandth time in church. You are welcome whether you have a deep and mature faith in Christ; are uncertain and still seeking; or have no faith. Local contact person is Vivienne Jackson (027 3999139), or phone the Parish Office on 3294 790.

  • Services are held at 9am for the first four Sundays of the month



Contact name
Vivienne Jackson
8 Governors Bay Teddington Rd, Allandale 8971