Rebuilt Jetty

Governors Bay's 300m jetty was successfully rebuilt by the Governors Bay Jetty Restoration Trust. It was reopened on 30 September 2023. Starting at the jetty, there is an easy walking and biking track that runs along the foreshore to Allandale.


There is limited space for parking and turning at the jetty, so at busy times it is best to park by the school and walk down if you are able.

Support the Jetty

The Jetty Trust took out a loan to pay for the last 9% of the rebuild cost, so they could get the job done. They need your help to pay off the loan so they can move on to other projects improving the jetty and area.

You can help by sponsoring a plank - they will recognise your $600 donation by putting your name or short message on a plaque on a plank.

Numbers are limited! To see how many planks are available to be sponsored, see the plank tally page.