Pest Control Group

Old Man's Beard left to grow, smothers surrounding plants quickly.

Purpose of the Group

The Pest Control Group has been formed to help protect the biodiversity of Governors Bay. There are a number of plant pests on Banks Peninsula that pose a serious threat to the future of regenerating forest and surrounding biodiversity.

The Pest Control Group work together to provide education around pests and carry out control work. It is all volunteer based so members are free to opt into days and times that suit them.

Old Man’s Beard

The current focus for the Pest Control Group is Old Man’s Beard (follow link for factsheet). This exotic climber has received a lot of attention in the past, however some areas with large infestations continue to spread seed into the community. It is important to stay on top of Old Man’s Beard so that it doesn’t become a major problem in the future. Any help with removing this pest plant would be gratefully received. If you have any questions about how to identify or control Old Man’s Beard on your property, please feel free to make contact with members of the group.

If you need glyphosate gel to help with the control of Old Man’s Beard on your property, this is also available at a heavily discounted rate through the Pest Control Group. Please contact Eleanor & Steve Wooff -

Please Note: you will need to supply your own container for the gel. Water bottles with a pop up nozzle like a Pump bottle work well.

Old Man's Beard Control Days

We have already held two successful control days and will continue our good work once the weather picks up. If you are interested in getting involved in one of these days, please make contact with the group or keep an eye out for when the pest control group will meet again.


Anyone in the community is welcome to join the Pest Control Group and there is no experience required. Herbicide (chemical) is used from time to time so safety is important and young people should be accompanied by an adult. Events and volunteer days are organised through group email, so if you wish to join, simply email the contact person (above) and your email address will be shared with the group.


From time to time, people require the services of a contractor to aid them with the control of plant pests. Especially in areas that pose a hazard or are difficult to access. Please see below a table with contact details for contractors who can assist in the control of pest plants.

Contact Name

Contact Ph.

Provides Services for:

Simon Johnston

(Habitat restoration Services)

03 980 3113


Small to medium scale control work


(local resident)

03 329 9638Small scale control work

Niall Mugan

(Keystone Ecology)

021 0540849Large scale control work

Jason Butt

(Wai-Ora Forest Landscapes Ltd)

03 359 2458


Medium to large scale control work