Red zone restoration

Map including red zone area

Following the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011, some areas around the port hills have been red-zoned due to rockfall risk. One of these areas is accessible from Hays Rise and Zephyr Terrace. The community association is now organising the restoration of this red-zone area to make it a haven for wildlife and a resource for the community.

Community Vision

A group of students from the University of Canterbury are working with the community assocation to create a vision for the community-led restoration of the red zone land up in the hills behind Governors Bay. CCC has recently become the landowner, and Zane (CCC Red Zone Ranger) is very keen to get locals involved in enhancing this epic area right in your backyards.

They have created a brochure and asked the community for feedback, which had to be returned by 17th October 2022. If you have any further feeback, please email and we will pass it on.


We will need volunteers to assist with animal pest control, weed pest control and maintenance of the orchard. If you are interested in helping, please email